Himy & Quinn

Jaeson Himy and Tommy Quinn form a standout team in the competitive real estate market. Together, they offer unparalleled service and expertise, leveraging their diverse skill sets to provide the best real estate experiences. Redefining excellence in real estate. Their dynamic partnership offers clients superior real estate experiences, making them trusted global advisors dedicated to helping clients achieve their dreams.


Meet the Team


Jaeson Himy: The Master Negotiator

Jaeson Himy is a charismatic communicator and expert negotiator, leveraging his extensive background in sales and marketing to connect with clients and secure optimal deals. His unwavering integrity and professionalism have built a loyal clientele and garnered numerous life-long relationships..

Tommy Quinn: The Visionary Strategist

Tommy Quinn's strategic vision and in-depth understanding of market dynamics make him a marketing expert. His background in economics and successful investment history allow him to craft innovative marketing strategies, identify emerging trends, and seize opportunities, ensuring clients achieve their real estate goals with precision and confidence.

Mission Statement

At Himy & Quinn, we offer comprehensive real estate services including property sales, investment consulting, market analysis, and property management. Our mission is to build long-term relationships founded on trust and respect, providing personalized, professional service to meet each client's unique needs and deliver exceptional results and satisfaction.